Painting on landscape


So this is probably a stupid question but how do I paint on a landscape with a texture/material?

Basically I have a landscape with a grass texture. Now I want to paint with a dirt texture on it so I can create roads.

But when I try to drop a material in the “Target Layers” section of the landscape tab nothing happens. What am I missing here?

How do I add a material/texture to the brush so that I can paint with it on the landscape?

Hey Agletsio,

Take a look at our documentation on how to create a landscape material and paint the material onto your landscape. It will give you a step by step approach on how to set up this workflow. There are multiple ways to set up your material, and it is all based on what textures you wish to blend with one another so that when painting between different layers, they blend correctly.

Step 4 - Creating Landscape Materials

Step 5 - Painting Landscape Materials

Let me know if you are still having trouble painting on your landscape. Be sure to apply the material to the Landscape within the details panel of your selected landscape.


Hi, !

I have used the landscape spline to make my wall , do you know how I can add effect (Audio/spark) to the wall after the player hit on to it ?


Could you please create another Answerhub post for your specific question? The original question has been answered so a new question will need to be posted for tracking purposes.

In short you will need to set up a line trace to detect where the object has collided, then spawn a particle system at that location.

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Ok. I 'll do that.

Thank !

Landscape painting is covered in detail in the documentation. You have to create a landscape material first before you can start painting. Your material must include a Landscape coordinates node and blend nodes. Whatever textures you plan on painting with need to be included here. These textures will appear in the paint tool after the material has been attached to the landscape. Once you reach this stage you can paint.