Painting landscape visibility mask

I was wondering if it is possible to define a texture that could determine where the landscape is visible instead of manually painting it. Say for instance you have a map with lots of houses that have basements. You would want the landscape to not show under the house to allow access to the basement. Having a mask(black/white image) that covers the landscape(like a heightmap does) to determine where the landscape should have “holes” would be a lot simpler than painting all those areas under the houses out by hand. Not to mention it would also be alot more precise.
Also, why is it not possible to paint on the landscape in the top view?

Hi ZIA, I think that’s exactly how it works. when you paint the mask manually. you’re basiclly painting in black and white.
if you right click on the visibility tool in the landscape editor. you can export or import a black and white image to determine the visibility of your landscape’s mask, I hope that helps :slight_smile: