Painting landscape textures without blending

Hi all, I’m a fairly new UE4 user but I did make an effort to solve this via google and documentation to no avail. When painting one texture with another in the landscape paint tool, it blends the textures at the edges, which in some cases is not desired (see below)

I am looking to paint the textures in such a way they are mutually exclusive, where one texture does not overlap with another at any given point. I’ve used Unity extensively in the past (I’m loving UE4 way more, should have switched a year ago), and it has a popular asset to achieve this effect (relief terrain pack, see below) and I was wondering if there was a similar functionality with UE4

I will also include my landscape material, I read through the documentation for all the various landscape nodes, but I can’t seem to find quite what I’m looking for. Apologies if I’m overlooking something really basic, I hate to be “that guy,” and thanks for any advice.