Painting landscape question


I try to paint landscape without smooth texture blending. Using simple material and blend textures via Alpha channel. But have some issue with Ring like corners in the segments where one texture is contacted with another - grass (green color) with ice (blue).
How i can make all square corners for the blending?

There is my pics:

After some time there is some solution. Not so good, but may be helpful for someone who need create landscape with shapr edges (eg. for low poly or Voxel style games):

  1. Paint final landscape version
  2. Save mask textures for ecah layer (Right mouse button on a texture layer -> Export to file)
  3. Import these textures again in to the project. Set NoMipMaps and Texture Group: 2D Pixels
  4. Modify Landscape material and do blending for each layer via new textures

Bad thing:

  • two copies of same textures for each layers mask
  • only possible after final painting landscape