Painting landscape polygons

How would one go about making paint on edges of polygons sharp [no gradient] so single triangles can be painted.
I tried to created this through material with no luck.

Does anybody have any idea? :slight_smile:
[Desired result example.][2]

Hi vebski,

I believe what you are looking for is a world aligned blend node, specifically the “Blend Sharpness” feature. This will dictate how sharp of a line to produce between two textures. If you set it to a very high number (For instance, 100 or 1000) it will create a dramatically sharp line between the textures. This node can also help achieve the height based coloration that you show in your example pictures. Check out more about this node here:

Worked really well on mountains etc. But can I achieve this effect for sharpness of landscape paint layers? [ and grass on first screenshot are layers]. Triangle should be either grass or with sharp edge between them.

For painting layers the best you can probably do is to set the brush to what you want and then adjusting the falloff of the brush to fill that space and the tool strength to maximum. That would be the best way to go about it that I can think of.