Painting Images

I am trying to create a simple, cartoon-like landscape out of a few different images of grass, dirt, etc. I want to be able to just paint those images onto the surface to create things like dirt paths. I really don’t want to mess around with materials or the material editor, I just want to take an image and paint it on the landscape. And I also don’t need it to be 3d or anything, just flat images are what I want. I have looked all around Google for an answer for this but can’t seem to find anything. Does anyone know how to do this? If so please tell me as soon as possible. Thanks in advance. All help is appreciated.

You will have to create a material to do that -> 4. Creating Landscape Materials | Unreal Engine Documentation :wink:
Just create a very simple one (is pretty easy to do that, just follow the steps from the doc). After that you can paint on the landscape.

The only problem with that is I just have one image in regular color, I don’t have the blue variations that are used in the normals section. Is there a generator or something for that?

You can just leave the normal inputs empty. They aren’t required for the material to work. You simply plug in it what you want. if you only plug in a color, it will work just fine but only have a base color.