Painting Foliage onto Actors held in Blueprints.

Hey Guys,

I have a bit of an issue and wondered if anyone can help…

I have a collection of static mesh rocks and boulders which have been mesh-painted and collected into blueprints that, as clusters, effectively become new props in their own right and can be used across different levels. I specced out a level, but when I try to paint foliage on these objects I can’t paint onto them. It just doesn’t see them as Static Meshes any more. Nor can I break those elements back into their constituent parts, or so it seems. Is there any way to achieve my ultimate goal here without having to get brick-walled into rebuilding all this again?

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Make sure that you collision settings in your bp are on “block all” :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. The meshes inside the BP are set to Block All. When I place the object these are then BlockAllDynamic. Changing these to block all in the viewport crashes the editor. Is there a master setting associated with the BP that I should be changing?

Hmm seems that some of the instances have been changed to movable, hence the inconsistency of collision settings. I’ve switched these to static and can now change to block all. And now it paints. Yay!.

:slight_smile: Thanks Fighter.