Painted texture breaks when adding bump and normal map to editor?

It would all depend on how the UVs are mapped onto the items…

There’s the color map. The normal and bump map were generated using photoshop. The texture works fine until I add those.

I can only tell you what it looks like.

It looks like the bump is causing the texture to fall short of the item.

You can test this by painting a blue halo around the color texture.
if you see any blue in the render, then the UVs are getting stretched.

you may also be able to see this in one of the UV debug modes.

If that is the case, maybe the textures have different size and the automated mip system is causing this behaviour.
Really just a guess. Never experienced this happening myself.

Also try adding texture coordinates 0 to the bump and to the bump node. Could be forcing the UVs solves it.

Thanks! It appears you are right. Setting text coordinates to 0 didn’t change anything, but the bump and/or normal appear to be moving the texture away from the seams. I’m not exactly sure how to fix this because I followed a tutorial instructing the viewer to split the apple into four parts before texturing. This was so we could put the stem on the same UV map as the apple and keep the texture from stretching at the poles. I was able to move the texture inward and fill the black gaps by setting the reference plane in the bump offset to 0, but the normal is making an obvious crease at the seams. Hmmm… I must be missing something.

What does it look like without bump? / why do you want to use bump? You already seem to have enough geometry.

It looks okay, but definitely better with all 3 maps. Plus, it’s always good to know how to do stuff correctly.