Paint vanishing from parts of landscape when I add normal map.


I’ve encountered a problem while working on my landscape material. I painted my entire landscape and everything looked great.

Then I added the different normal maps to the material and this happened:

As you can see, paint vanishes from a square on the landscape. It seems like it loses all connection to the material since I can’t paint there. My teacher suggested that it might be a bug, but take a look at my material setup and let me know if I’ve made a mistake.

Any help solving this problem would be greatly appreciated. I looked around for similar questions, but could not find anything that was quite the same, so my apologies if it has been asked before.

Hi zura,

This is due to a limitation in OpenGL that only supports up to 16 textures. If you are building on mobile this is a hard limit (3 of these are occupied for rendering, so 13 textures total can be used). However, if you are not building for mobile, you can get around this limit by using the “Sampler Source” feature implemented in 4.6. Select a texture node and find the “Sampler Source” section. Change this to either “Shared: Wrap” (repeats texture once it reaches the end of the texture) or “Shared: Clamp” (repeats last line of pixels once it reaches the end of the texture. You will have to do this for each of your texture samples but it should allow you to circumvent the 16 texture restriction.

Thanks a lot, ! I installed 4.6 and followed your instructions and it looks great now.