Paint Mesh like a Landscape?

Hello :slight_smile:

For my scene I have a mesh I want to paint 3 or 4 different materials on.
I tried to paint a landscape and made a material for it and it worked well.

For the ground of my scene it would be very useful. Anyway, for the building itself (a 360m long naval yard)
it is useless, as I can not make a building with the landscape tool. This is why I tried Vertex-Painting with my mesh.

Now there are some errors coming along with that:

  • It is very inaccurate to paint only on vertices (when I load in a high poly mesh it directly starts lagging)
  • My material instance does not work without landscapes (the major material is shown but when I paint nothing happens but laggs)
  • The displacement map has no effect

Now I guess these are little problems but I can not fix them.
I watched so many good (and some bad) tutorials but they either use landscapes or just 2 materials.

So for an example I have this ground which needs to be painted to avoid this extreme repetation looking.
(see the image with the person)

Later I want the yard (see the same image and the one with the ship) to be handled the same way.
While I can make a landscape for the ground is it not possible for the yard itself (at least I guess that).

There are two images of my materials maybe you can advise me what to do.
Also pls tell me if you know a tipp for the vertex painting, as it is quite inaccurate and
the ground already has 1.069.*** vertices…

Thanks :slight_smile: