Paint Landscape textures at different Directions

Hi I have a beach sand texture and it has the normal horizontal lines that waves create but when I paint it’s at the wrong angle, is there a way I can change the angle that I paint? My path texture also does not paint in the direction of my paths.

I have made a second version of the texture in the material but that seems like a clumsy way to do it.

Maybe you can make something like a flowmap to do that,but if there is a big landscape,that will be a real huge size texture.

You only paint weight. There is no direction information there. It’s just grayscale texture.

You could use vertex colors to paint a 0 degree, 45 degree and 90 degree version of your texture, the texture could be rotated using the UV coordinates, meaning you don’t need to import more versions of the original texture. Then you paint the layer as normal, and use the vertex color painting to change the rough direction. It might not blend perfectly.