Paint foliage vertically on selected mesh only


I’m looking to paint foliage on a vertical railing but it also paint in empty space of my environment, event if I isolate the visibility of the railing, as you can see on image attached.

I guess there is obviously something to setup in the collision parameters of the railing or the foliage somewhere but I don’t actually find any topic on this in the Dev community

Thank you so much for your help ! :grinning:
Capture d’écran 2024-06-20 105952

Foliage has an angle that determines if it can be painted on things or not.
You need to tweak that so that it is greater than 90 degress in order to paint things on the object.

Hi, thank you for your reply but I don’t talk about this. My foliage is already settted up with a limitation greater thann 90 degrees. The question is to force the foliage to paint ONLY on selected meshes. Actually my foliage is painting at 90 degrees on every not selected meshes, even in empty area as you can see on my pictures attached in my post

Can’t really see anything or tell anything apart in the “attached screenshot”.

As far as I know there is no way to limit the foliage tool to a single specific mesh.
Just hide stuff in the level, paint, then get the stuff to show again…

In the attached screenshot you can see a fence that I have isolated from the rest of my scene to paint on, but it also paint the foliage in the empty space of my level…

I hope there will be a way soon to limit the foliage tool on a single specific mesh !

Thank you for your reply