Paid work in London for help (ASAP) on a VR project for the 19th of October

I am a student at Guildhall School of Music and Drama (based in London near Liverpool Street) and am on the Video design course

We are making a VR experience about Roman London and am coming towards the end of our project (it is on the 19th of Oct)

We are a bit behind and really need some assistance/ someone to look over the project for a day or 2/3 as we don’t have anyone in-house who knows how to use unreal
The school will pay whoever comes in
Any suggestions?

The project is going to be based in Leadenhall market and will take the viewer back to Roman London (the old London Forum and Basilica)
The only interactivity from the viewer will be where they are looking
We are using bits from the Roman Fantasy Pack from the marketplace

There is quite a big destruction scene and also a construction of the building - project length 3/5 mins

Any suggestions?

London is a fair old trek away from myself, nor do I have much experience with VR, but I’m happy to help with any specific queries on this forum (which also goes for many other AnswerHub users as well), if that is of any help to you?

If not, then good luck finding someone available.

I’m a tad curious as to how you got yourself into this position without someone who can use the engine. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you, yes we have many questions - just need someone to come and help us on a few bits really also on optimizing it for VR
One question I do have is different people are making different parts of a sequence where firstly a building is constructed and then destroyed
could we make this on two separate levels and then combine + how would you make the connection seamless - or would we have to work on the same level?

Hey luarieesl, I have experience in multiple VR personal and commercial projects and could probably be of assistance.

Is my email could you send me your phone number and I could call you ?

Yes, you can make them in separate levels and then make use of Level Streaming to load one in over the other. This would be seamless in the sense that no loading screen would be required, however it would mean meshes appearing as they’re loaded in.
Some kind of fade in/out material or post process effect could work for you here. Just an idea.

Regarding level streaming; you would have a base “persistent” Level which would contain assets that exist in every level (the terrain, for example). Then, you can load and unload other levels as you require.
Here’s the documentation’s blueprint tutorial for level streaming: Load and Unload Levels with Blueprints | Unreal Engine Documentation

I assume you’d want to work on Levels simultaneously.
Two ways come to mind. First of all, it is possible to copy a level from one project to another, provided that both projects contain the same, required assets (meshes etc).
The “proper” way to do this would be to set up source control. Each team member could work on a different level in their own branch. If you don’t have any experience with this, then it may not be right for you.

I recommend you do some tests with a mock up project first - just in case anything goes wrong whilst you get to grips with the tools.

Alright, I sent you an email. With my number.

Wow how far along are you in the project? 9 Days is a deadline fast approaching, let me know if I can be of assistance :slight_smile:

are you in london ?

no, unfortunately I’m in Asia