[PAID] Stephan Messier - Character and Production Artist

I’m Stephan Messier and I’m a Character artist and 3D generalist.

I don’t work for royalties. If you contact me about your royalty project, I won’t respond.

I cover 3d sculpting and modeling, retopology, UV unwrapping, texturing, engine material support, and simple bipedal rigging. I can design characters/assets conceptually, or iterate on concepts in place/provided.

You can check out my portfolio at

I’m open to work with any budget, so let’s hash it out so we can get into project details.

What you’ll get from me: a full asset pack including game mesh (rigged if needed), LODs, engine specific condensed texture sets, and any production materials you need, like Maya LT scenes, Zbrush Ztools, Substances, etc. I work efficiently, planning out exactly what needs to be done, and working with you closely to create the best asset possible. I work and iterate based on checkpoints, and you’ll see progress every step of the way.

What I need from you: Project timeframe - when do you need your asset finished? What kind of game are you working on? How close will players view this asset? Is it a visual focal point, or a secondary element? Do you have any asset concept art to provide, or a visual reference sheet (photos or screenshots from comparable games)?

If you don’t have answers to some of those questions, don’t worry. We can figure it out together.

Send me an email at and we can talk about making badass game art.

Thank you for checking out my work.

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Some Marmoset 2 renders of the female hero for Hazewalker. You can check out their stuff at and the heroes design page at

Study, practice, low-stress break. Purely experimental. Currently only textured with the Quixel Suite; I’ll paint over these maps and get him finalized at a later point.

Taking that nasty beast in a new direction. Here’s a preview.

Been working on this guy. Have really enjoyed making him. Check out the production page at

That Djinn is amazing! :smiley:

Hey, thanks a lot man. I like how he’s turned out.

Some new characters for Space Bear Dev Studios on their game Galaxy Heist. You can check out the site at

You can also check out the Mercenary and Soldier design pages on my website, at Always looking to fill up my schedule for the next few months.

Some beefcake WIP for you guys. Finishing up a clothed character, just wanted to practice some skin texturing.

Got this guy finished up. He’s not naked anymore. Check it out at Can always fill my schedule for the coming months.

A WIP character for an ongoing client. The final character will have most of his face covered, but I wanted to take the opportunity to do a light character study. I might finish his portrait. Let me know what you guys think.

Looking for some big projects to fill up my schedule.

Quick anatomy study that’ll transition into a new personal character. I’d like to release this lower detail OBJ for anyone interested. I’ll most likely share it on Polycount, and then link you guys to it here.

Finished up another character for Spacebear’s game, Galaxy Heist. Will add him up on my site soon. Currently looking for work. Shoot me an email at

Just put together my first demo reel. Encompasses selected works from this year. Let me know what you think. (I’ve also added it to my initial post).

Wanted to post a handful of recent additions to my portfolio. Looking for work to fill up the start of the new year. You can check out their production info at

Have been finishing up a UAV drone I designed for Wobbly Rocket’s game, Echo Delta, a scifi tactical squad shooter that has a realistic Arma feel to it. This UAV drone is a series of assets being built for the game, and follows the Soldier bot’s design logic. You can see this and more at their site, They’re working on an alpha build for presentation early in the new year.

Racking up work for the next few months, aiming for more projects a bit down the line.

Some shots of a character for a new client. More on their game later on this month.

I’m booked for January, but I’m looking to fill some gaps for the next few months. Shoot me an email if you’re interested.

Also, thanks for the community’s continued interest in my work, and their support. I wouldn’t be where I am without you all.

Hey everyone, has been a crazy month, and February is looking no different. I’m headed out to GDC early in March. If anyone is going let’s try to meet up! It’ll be my first year, so if anyone has advice on the best things to do or things to focus on, please let me know.

Here’s a stylized character for a new 3rd person action game I’m working with a client on. They’re still getting their site set up, so I’ll have more to share from them once they’re ready. But for now, here’s some marmoset 2 renders.

Looking to plan work for the next few months.

Also, thank you everyone for your continued support. I wouldn’t be where I am without you all.

Dawg, very nice but would be amazing to see some rigged and animated video of your models.

Thanks man, I appreciate the compliment. Characters in motion are what the game devs showing off their game is for. I’m not much of an animator, but I might start throwing up some mixamo’d characters. Thanks again man.