[PAID] Looking for Lead UE4 Developer with Blueprint Knowledge

We’re developing 3D, first-person puzzle game and looking for our ‘coding’ lead. Someone who can help us create a functional prototype of the first level (3-5 rooms with puzzles) and build out the fundamental gameplay mechanics (inventory system, netplay, triggers&events).

We come from a film production background, so we’re looking for someone who we can communicate with and learn from - not just someone to carry out instructions. We will provide you with a Notion document detailing the various rooms, puzzles, solutions, etc. Again, our goal is an ugly, functional prototype of the game (with netplay). You can use placeholder assets or stock assets - whatever gets us moving on the mechanics more quickly. Afterwards, we’ll worry about reskinning / rebuilding it with aesthetic considerations and hiring artists for that task.

Pay is negotiable - somewhere from $50 - $100 per hour was our expectation.

If you’re interested, reply here with you portfolio/resume/hourly rate - or email it to:

Kind regards,

Marketplace Recommendations

I think the marketplace scores kinda low on the “someone we can communicate with and learn from” score. I mean, many developers do a great job of supporting their assets, but it sounds like what this film-based crew needs is something a little more hands-on, not just on the tech, but maybe even on the general business flow of building and publishing a game.

Any suggestions? We’ve hired from Upwork in the past, but when searching for UE developers one mostly encounters 3D artists / animators. I’m not sure where there’s a good platform for finding Blueprint devs. Obviously, having a technical recruiter would be preferable, but we’re trying to bootstrap this.

Me neither… And getting notifications from threads like here is demotivating. :stuck_out_tongue:

Waiting for people to find you only gets you so far. Most of the devs still on here are actually BP devs or have BP skills. So why not go through past work offers to find people either posting their own LFW threads, or replying to others offering paid work then PM / DM them. :wink:

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Also, posting your budget (or at least, “tier” expectations) might help.

If you expect to pay $25/hour, you will get a different response than if you’re looking for a strategic-consulting type engagement.

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I am a Senior Unreal Developer having a great working experience of 4+ years along with hands-on over Blueprints and C++ as well. I have good experience with programming.

Let’s get in touch and I will showcase you my working portfolio.

Hoping to have a positive revert.


Hello @CWR-Cretive,

I’m a UE4 Blueprints Developer (please view Forum Profile). My game is my portfolio/resume. Although I prefer Royalty Projects and Skill Trade, I have to admit your Paid offer has my attention :slight_smile:

somewhere from $50 - $100 per hour was our expectation.

Upfront, I would utilize Asset packs from the Marketplace like those listed above to have a prototype up and running as fast as possible. A large portion of my Blueprints experience is reverse engineering, modifying, integrating, and engineering new Blueprints as necessary to achieve a desired goals.

Allow me to take a gander at your Notion document detailing the various rooms, puzzles, solutions, etc. to ascertain suitable assets for achieving the prototype as fast as possible. Afterwards, I’ll present you with a Detailed Development Proposal a.k.a List of Assets matched to desired features.

If a feature requires extensive engineering or presents a significant technical challenge, ill highlight the facts, and present alternative solutions if necessary in the list as well. In fact, I’ve already picked out some Asset Packs based on your description:

first level (3-5 rooms with puzzles) and build out the fundamental gameplay mechanics (inventory system, netplay, triggers&events).

You review the Development Proposal and make a decision to move forward. If you elect to move forward, I would request setting a specific budget that includes asset acquisition expense and a starting payment equivalent to 6 hours of integration @ the rate of $100 Payable via Paypal/Cashapp.

I prefer to setup Perforce Source Control Server for proper project collaboration and version control. The Free License has 5 User seats. Collaboration will be required for Technical Communication, Resource Sharing, Development Testing, and Play Testing. Lots of Play Testing.

Lets get the ball rolling on Discord. Thanks for Reading. I appreciate your consideration.