[PAID] Experienced C++/Blueprint developer


I’m looking for remote work.

I have experience developing both single- and multi-player games and gameplay systems. You can expect efficient code and clean blueprints. Also, I can consult about different aspects of real game development or make a technical audit of your project.

I do love play games and make games, trying my best to be on the edge of gameplay trends and tech :slight_smile:


  • C++ / Blueprints
  • Gameplay systems
  • Ability systems: GAS / Custom
  • AI : Behavior Tree / Utility
  • UI/UX: UMG / Slate
  • Proper multiplayer / Client-side prediction
  • EOS
  • Editor extensions / Custom asset types
  • Plugins


  • 8+ years in gamedev
  • 4+ years in UE4


The most recent project I can demonstrate.
It includes:

  • EOS for matchmaking
  • Sight system supporting static and dynamic obstacles
  • Custom ability system

Hey, I’m available for work again.

Hi, available again.

Available for some work :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m available to take projects again.

Hi Airuen, we are a indie develop group of artist and writer, gamers. looking for a programmer to join us. Its unpaid, but we are looking at creating a Battle Royale game but with difference. I had created team before. We created games in the mid to early 2000. But we moved on to working in the film industries! Some guys in work on the new COD. But I am starting a fresh again! I hope to hear from you. Cheers

I can take some work again.

I’m available again.