[PAID] Principal developer (C++/BP/Multiplayer)


my name is Denis and I’ve been working in the game development industry for over 15 years. I’ve contributed to many projects, providing single and multiplayer systems and solutions. I have experience in architecting games from scratch or extending an existing codebase. I’ve been working with Unreal Engine since version 4 and have an excellent understanding of its underlying structure. In my approach, I combine C++ and BPs to make sure my solutions are efficient and friendly to designers.


  • C++ / Blueprints
  • General gameplay systems
  • Ability systems: GAS / Custom
  • Multiplayer: General systems with client-side prediction / Custom locomotion
  • AI : Behavior Tree / Utility
  • Procedural generation
  • UI/UX: UMG / Slate
  • EOS
  • Editor extensions / Custom asset types
  • Plugins


  • Working in game development since 2006 year
  • UE4 / UE5 / UEFN



It’s hard to show every project I’ve had the pleasure to work on, but here are some (that I can talk about) so you can get the general idea.

- BulletVille: Third-person multiplayer hero shooter.

In this fast-paced movement-rich game, I was responsible for creating a client-predicted parkour/locomotion system: wall run, slide, grind, grapple hook, etc.

- ManCave: procedural cave.

An example of a custom asset with a custom editor to control procedural cave generation.

- Project Escape: Asymmetric multiplayer.

I’ve made this entire project solo as an example game. It’s an “among-us” kind of game. Includes matchmaking via EOS, custom top-down line of sight system, player roles (beast/survivor), and a voting system.

Bashers Online.

This is a VERY old project developed and released in 2009.
It’s NOT Unreal Engine game, but I include it because it was programmed by me using C++/DirectX entirely from scratch. Yes, it was developed in times when we didn’t have publicly available game engines to use. So, to make this game I’ve created a simple custom game engine on C++: 3D rendering, particles, UI, network, bots, level editor, lobby server, game server, database for players permanent data.

Hey, I’m available for work again.

Hi, available again.

Available for some work :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m available to take projects again.

Hi Airuen, we are a indie develop group of artist and writer, gamers. looking for a programmer to join us. Its unpaid, but we are looking at creating a Battle Royale game but with difference. I had created team before. We created games in the mid to early 2000. But we moved on to working in the film industries! Some guys in work on the new COD. But I am starting a fresh again! I hope to hear from you. Cheers

I can take some work again.

I’m available again.

Have time to take projects again.

I’m available again.

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Hi Denis! Still looking for the full-time job?

Hey Airuen!

We’re looking for a developer to help us create a tool for unreal, it’s not for a video game but a 3D show we’re making, we’re trying to implement a new way to animate using vr, I sent you a message on discord and an email, let me know if you’re interested!

Thanks for your time :))

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Open for new projects again.

We’re looking for talent. Check out our project here:

I’m available again.