[PAID] Concept artist / Illustrator

Hi everybody,

My name is Vito Rafiie. Im a 2D artist looking for work.
If you’re interested feel free to contact me at:
Here is some of my work:

What are your prices

You would be perfect for our game project, but unfortunaly I only could promise you a royality, and I am sure thats not what you want right? Especially the last picture is just exactly what I am looking for since weeks. Our game project is called Sovereign and is designed to be a less childish MMO/RTS experience, in development since December 2014. If you have any interest maybe, and sometimes maybe have some free time, may you want to write me a personal message? I would love to pay you, but I only can promise you a Royality. You of course think, why should I, there are plenty of fish in the sea, and it’s true, I am one of them. But I am persistent (If this is the right word to express what I mean, I’m not a native english speaker ) :wink:

Greetings from Germany!


Unfortunately I can’t accept work that doesn’t pay immediately.

A recent illustration:

Those are awesome!! I will definitely keep your name in mind when I need concept art

I’m looking forward to it!

A recent illustration:

Loving your work!

These are amazing!

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m available for work again!