PackagingResults:Error: Error Unknown Error - problems building Android Game - 4.10.0

trying to get my game to build in 4.10.0 (released today) see attached ubt log

Engine\Plugins\Blendables\LightPropagationVolume\Source\LightPropagationVolumeRuntime\Public\LightPropagationVolumeBlendable.h(7,10) : fatal error: ‘LightPropagationVolumeBlendable.generated.h’ file not found
#include “LightPropagationVolumeBlendable.generated.h”[link text][1]

I should mention I am attempting to do a package in a development editor built in visual studio 2015 - the source was the release branch for 4.10.0. I did notice that I was forced to detach my visual studio from my launched editor because of a file access conflict

error CS0016: Could not write to output file
‘c:\UNREAL_ENGINE_SOURCE\UNREAL_4_10_0\Engine\Source\Programs\DotNETCommon\DotNETUtilities\obj\Development\DotNETUtilities.dll’ – 'The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

  • I am able to package a starter template android project from 4.10 binary no problem.
  • attempting to package a starter template to android with my source 4.10 version - build failed but it seemed it was physx related

66483-unrealbuildtool-2015.11.11-16.23.47.txt (3.63 KB)

I think I fixed it - I had “lightpropogationvolume” plugin disabled. enabling it seems to have gotten me past this

I solve this by install codeworks, and reconfig the environment variables. And restart

Can you help me? i have the same problem with Unknown Error but the cause is different and I don’t know what is it[link text][1]

81638-new+text+document+(3).txt (236 KB)


Looking over your , I can see that you do not have the same issue that BPANDREW had. Please submit a new AnswerHub post for additional assistance.

Thank you!

Disabling it when enabled also seems to work.