Packaging VR game: no controllers

When I try to package my VR game (with HTC Vive, ue 4.27), there are no controllers, while everything works fine in preview mode. I simply selected “package project for windows”. Is there any setting that I would have missed? (I have checked and I have the same problem with complete new projects as well.)

I initially had also a problem with the headset that I fixed by adding “enable HMD” in the level blueprint. Do I need to do something similar for the controllers?

Thank you

It is supposed to just work if the HMD is enabled. Are there any errors in the Unreal or SteamVR logs?

no errors. I did have a problem with the 4.26 version (first the package was impossible and then I got an error message saying that steam VR could not find the bindings). But none of that happened with 4.27. There’s just no controllers.

I personally find that it works best for me if I disable the steam and oculous plugs and only enable the openxr