Packaging Project Causes blue screen with "Unexpected Store Exception"


So I’ve received a VR c++ project which works fine on my PC in editor mode, and compiles with no Errors.

I’ve also checked that an empty C++ project packages successfully.

When I try to package the VR project in developer mode, I get around 75% of the way through, then my pc freezes and crashes to bluescreen with the error code “Unexpected Store Exception”. I should also note this error has never occured in any other situation. There is also no error in the UE4 output before this happens, it looked fine.

I was thinking it could possibly be due to lack of RAM as I only have 8Gb on this rig. And the total packaged product is around 12Gb when my co-dev successfully packages on his machine.

Please let me know if anyone has any thoughts as to why this may be happning.