Packaging my Demo

I have been unsuccessfully attempting to package out my game demo for the past few weeks. I have gotten countless amounts of advice and watched an incredible amount of tutorials and followed it step by step however my game simply will not package no matter what I try. I have been working very hard on this game for the past two years and am very excited to have gotten to a point where I am ready to release a demo.

I am very anxious to get this demo to the people.

At this point I am wiling to pay someone handsomely to help me package the game out so our amazing community can play it and give me some feedback!

Would anyone be interested in helping me?

Can you share the logs? They should be located at Unreal Projects/YourProjectName/Saved/Logs/YourProjectName.log

The logs will show what the problem is with the packaging.

Also, is this a C++ project or a Blueprint project?

Not too sure how to finds the logs. I may have been working on this game for the past 2 years however I am still very unfamiliar with unreal and do not understand all of the technical stuff regretfully. I’ve just got a ■■■■ ton of vision and have the ability to do whatever I can to create that vision. I will try to find that info asap.

It is a blueprint project!

Whoaa check it out, so I found it but it has a ton of diff logs, not sure which one is important

I literary had just written out instructions on how to find that.

Pick the one that has the same name as your project. If your project is named “funny”, then the “funny” file is the right one.

If you have restarted UnrealEditor since the packaging has failed, try packaging again right now just so the errors appear in the logs.

Then, upload the file here, or copy-and-paste its contents.

lmao bruh I’m slow as hell man. If I don’t see it, hard for me to comprehend via reading.

funny.log (310.6 KB)

This is why I am desperately looking for a team to help me because the only way I learn is by doing and seeing it done and speaking.

Not a big reader :frowning:

First (out of many) things to do:

In the Content Browser, right-click the base “Content” folder, and click “Fix Up Redirectors in Folder”. Then press “Save All”.

This will fix some “ghost-files” that the game is referencing.

Okay for sure!!! Just did that!!

Next, you have Blueprint compilation errors in ClassicSurvivalHorrorTemplate\Blueprints\OverlappingBoxes\BP_DamageVolume that need to be fixed. (That’s still not all of the problems)

So that overlapping box bp is actually from a completely different template I got on the marketplace. I put it in the csht because I have fire and wanted the player to get hurt by it. Could that be what is messing it up? I should just delete it and recreate it right?

You just need a fire effect from that pack? Is that what you’re saying?

No I just need the damage Volume. The fire is just a material texture I used but I wanted it to hurt the player if they walked in the fire so I copied the damage volume bp from a diff template

honestly at this point tho man I don’t mind removing the fire. I just want people to play this demo so I can get some real feedback.

You don’t need to remove it as long as you fixed the Blueprint compile errors.

Next, there is this error:

Ammo_Packs/Maps/Ammo_Packs_Demo_Scene.umap has malformed tag

The file may be corrupted (I’ve never seen that error before).
Given that it is just a demo scene, I advise you just delete it (as long as you don’t need it, that is).

Then, there are more compilation errors in WISTerminals\Blueprints\BP_TerminalController.uasset.

You’ll need to fix those as well.

Don’t need it! I deleted it!