Packaging Multiplayer Server + Client

Hi All,

I am currently developing a VR game in which there are two players; one has a first person view of the world(VR headset) whilst the second player has a 360 view within the world much like a HDR map (Monitor), I have successfully built this within UE4 however I am now having issues with packaging the content. Currently the 360 view is the server and the VR first person view is the client.

I would ideally like to keep one player as the server and any other players as the clients rather than having a dedicated server, is there anyway I could do this?

Ofcorse, just start the map with ?Listen option, that player becomes a host which client can connect to

Thank you! this has been bugging me for ages

How would I go about doing this on OS X? should I run the program first and enter that in the command line or should I run this script to open the program? Thanks