Packaging is taking too long for me

Wtf Epic i cant finish a game top put it on publish if i cant pack ti from UE well u shell start thinking of big games made and makemore stable and faster packaging well i have a project 22 gigs and i think to do more of suff and i cant test it because Packaging takes FOREVER ! plz make this more or less easyer

uff. I told you already… your machine isnt powerfull enough to have that speed. And your project with 22gigs isn a little one.

Get yourself a new machine and small your project up. Epic already has put lots of effort into the packing system.

:confused: What so i need to spend my money on a new rig just t pack it… no way i will pack it with this rig and i will gladly plz the EPIC to do much more about this and to think about this

If your machine isnt powerful enough to package the project i’m guessing you also have a ton of stuff in your project that you dont need in the packaged game as 22GB is quite huge. Make sure you set everything properly in Project Settings > Packaging and set your levels in List of maps to include in a packaged build.

Ok so i can pack something that is not in game like i dont have well that is what i want to know so how to pack something just a game not a the hole thing in project

I cant find that for maps ??

22GB is A LOT, many AAA games don’t even take up that much space. Like the others said, you probably have lots of unused content that you should get rid of.

im agree with a guess about unused files
based purely on your passion, i would say you are not experienced developer and you might count as “project size” project folder size, which is include stuff like older builds, backups and autosaves. Even my project with only epic mannequin and 3 blueprints can go over gig after few days of work.

Well i building an MMO so what u think how much gigs will be in here but can i some how build a game without building the stuff that i dont use except deleteing it

If you think about it, UE4 can’t really know which files you are using, because it would have to look through all of your levels, c++ files, blueprints, materials, etc. So it packages everything. It is good practice to not import something unless you are about ready to start using it.

It depends… Placeholder items can really eat up space…
However, you could use the WrangleContent commandlet to strip unused content…

Well ue4 have the aaa power and all but small brain well i hate to say that but why he will pack something that is not yet in the game i mean xD why did they not do something like packing more simple than this

isnt thats how it works? i heard UE dosnt pack files which has no any use.

I believe I saw a post from a staff member saying otherwise, but I can’t find the post anywhere.

Well there is no option for that ?!

You can’t blame UE4 for not living up to your standards when your PC does not meet the minimum requirements for UE4.

22 Gig ^^
Hope you implemented something like an updatefunction, or have the customers to download every time this huge file?

I am not blame them i want them to make something simple for packing…what now i need to trow my project to trash because i cat pack it ? i realy dont have money to build up y pc to pack this game but they shell think about easy packing then this

They GIFTED us a whole AAA engine wich is 20 Years in the making… You really should think about what you are sayin…

Reality check: Nope; you’re not really building a MMO game, you’re just using a kit that connects your game to a database that someone else created :wink: