Packaging is taking too long for me

actually not, they made engine available for all with fee for marketing and business reasons, first is oblivious and second is, more people using it equal more people contribute to the source equal 20y of development secured for not become “old”, really smart move.
After all, this is still business.

I will ask for attention from EPIC to think again for this packing problem and u guys if u like or not i dont care i will not spend any cent to rig my pc just to pack a game well no tnx u…

If you want attention from epic, make sure your problem is their problem and not your fault, make everything what is possible from software point of view and then message epic.
I have a strong feeling you learned english from mmorpg :smiley:

Hey party people,

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Epic is constantly working on the Engine as well as on the Packaging System.

I will try to sort out the problem now, so you know what you can do from here on:

  1. I looked up your other thread to see what your PC specs are. I will repost them here, since you want help
    from Epic and they need to know on which System the Packaging is taking too long to improve it:
  1. Looking at your System Specs, i sadly need to tell you, that this PC is too slow.
    I know you said that you won’t buy a new PC, but you need to think straight and see, that this PC is not reaching UE4’s minimum System Requirements:

So at the point where you state that you will NOT upgrade your PC, you can’t really ask for a better performance, because at this point, the responsibility rests in your hands.
Other people are fine with packaging, so the System itself is working.

Epic Games listed the minimum ones and if you want a good experience, you need to make sure that you keep up with them.

  1. So starting from the point “I don’t buy a new PC” you have the following things you could do:
  • If you package your Game, make sure that the Project does not contain tons of unnecessary stuff.

The most common was to do this is to have a second project from which you only migrate the stuff you really need.
And as soon as you don’t need it, you remove it (Source Control can help you here).


  • try to enable the setting to only package the things you have in your Maps. I can’t tell if there is a bug currently, but you could search the forum/answerHUB to find the answer to this


  • You can wait for Epic to get in touch with you about this, although i think (only i do!) that they will tell you nearly the same as i did.

The main and biggest thing here is your PC. Developing Games needs a good PC. Most of the time you will need a PC that is not ONLY able
to run the Game you have in mind at maximum settings, but ALSO be able to handle the huge amount of power that is needed to even create
such a Game. At this point, it’s the packaging that takes a lot of RAM and stuff.

22Gig is not that big for an MMO. Todays MMOs (regarding the asset quality) can be up to 60+Gigs. Also a lot of non MMOs already take up that
space, so it’s pretty normal and not that surprising.

This is a huge amount of data that needs to be moved and compressed and the PC handling this needs to be good.
That’s a given fact and this doesn’t need to be discussed.

It’s all comes down to you accepting that your PC does not have this power yet.

This post should cover nearly all of the facts discussed and mentioned here.
You are free to ask for more help but keep my first paragraph in mind!

Mind your words people, otherwise we will step in. Developing can be a frustrating thing, so be nice to each other
and try to help people AND also be more open to the opinions of others.

So far this is all that i have to say. Have a nice evening/day (:

Can u tell me how to do that i selected my maps but sill packing everything

Sadly i have not done this by now. If ticking “maps only” (like a user said a few posts above this) doesn’t help, then it MIGHT be broken right now (don’t quote me on that).
I normally make sure that my project has no other things in it when packaging it ):

Please, even if you don’t want to hear that, keep in mind that your project will grow by time. That means, even if you strip down the project
now and remove unnecessary files, you will come to a point where the project will be too big to be packaged as fast as you want.

You really need to consider upgrading your PC. I know it’s expensive, but hobbies and jobs need spending money from time to time :confused:

I also want to note here: I already told Epic about your thread. Make sure to be patient and wait for an official reply that might help you with
the packaging process!

Hi Demonith,

Let’s see if we can help reduce the package size a bit. First, you will want to make sure you have set up your packaging to minimize the clutter as much as possible.

First, you will want to enable “Cook only maps” in the Project Settings>Packaging menu. Then make sure you have added only the maps you will have in your final game listed in the “List of maps to include in a packaged build” list below. It will start unpopulated with 0 elements, so if it’s empty, just hit the + and add the maps you want. Documentation Link. If that outright fails, then you may be experiencing some kind of bug and the support team will need to report it. If that is the case, then we’ll move this issue to the Answerhub, where it’s easier to get assistance with bugs.

Second, you don’t need to move the unused content to another project, but instead you can put it in your Developer folder instead of Content. You can locate that by clicking the “View Options” on your content browser and checking on “Show Developer Folder.” Any asset contained in a folder outside of the Content folder structure will be excluded from packaging.

Third, as eXi said, you will want to bump up your computer’s power to meet the required system specs. I would suggest just getting more RAM if cost is an issue, because it is the least expensive upgrade that will have the biggest impact in build time. You can get 16 gigs of RAM for ~$55 or 8 gigs for ~$35 these days. You’ll feel the difference immediately.

Let me know if that helped you out!

Demonith, if you do get more RAM, be sure to check and make sure that your PC will support it. It sounds like you have an older computer, so the motherboard may have certain requirements.

This is a good thing to note! I hadn’t looked at the compatibility of your motherboard.

I just did :smiley:
He can stuff up to 16 GB on that board

That option should be enough for people who meet our recommended spec (in the vast majority of projects, there will always be fringe cases). The real problem for demonith is that his computer is not meeting that, so it won’t matter too much if it gets optimized anyway.

Great :slight_smile: I would highly recommend going for the full 16.

Then if i have good matherboard what i eed stuff in

Also you need 64bit cpu to handle more than 4 GB of RAM, right?