Packaging for both Steam Store and Oculus Home

Do any of you have experience with packaging your title to be distributed on both the Steam Store and Oculus Home? We’ve only been using Steam so far but I’d like to have our upcoming game on both distribution platforms.

  • Does the Write to Leaderboard bp node work with Oculus stats and leaderboards?
  • How do you test your build using Oculus framework? I uploaded the project zip via with expectations that I would see it in Oculus Home from my account but that wasn’t the case.

Very interested to hear some advice on this. Thought it was best to bump an old thread then start a new one. I’d also like some suggestions on best practice! Currently creating separate builds for Oculus Home (as they dont’ allow OpenVR or steam plugins). I believe the best solution for Steam would be to prompt the user to select if they want to use the Oculus SDK or not, and then load the correct executable that doesn’t invoke steamVR for the rift. Any suggestions on supporting both the Oculus SDK and SteamVR without performance issues on Steam would be great!