Packaging for Android on 4.26.0 fails with Gradle error

What the hell is this?
Z:\permission_library\src\main\java\com\google\vr\sdk\samples\permission\ uses or overrides a deprecated API.
Note: Recompile with -Xlint:deprecation for details.

Full details:

any luck with this?

change graddle version to 6.5 from 6.1.1 in
do not change in your project intermediate folder as it is created during build

I upgraded gradle to the latest version

did it work could change a lot of things in unreal android using source code
.i Am done creating Course for Udemy about Android in Unreal’s Environment where i have explained how to implement Andorid Native Code with details .Make sure to check the demo it would come in around 4 days as it is now under approval.
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  1. Adding Custom made Library inside Unreal using Jitpack
    0.1-a. Adding Code to Github to access as library.
    0.2-b Adding View over UE4 View.
    0.3-b Basic to Advance explanation.
  2. Creating ImagePicker and Video Picker using Java in UE4 without Plugin like one their is in Unreal Marketplace.
  3. Creating Qr Code
    3.Scanning Qr Code
    4.Reviewing App
    5.Compete Firebase Database Implementation with Blueprint Support
    6.Creating Third Party Plugins(example adding SHA256 external code as third party library with C/C#/C++ code).
    7.Building .a and .so libraries for android arm8 and arm7va in Third Party plugin.
    8.Blueprint Support for C/C++ code.
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upgrading gradle works for me yes