Packaging error with advanced vehicle template

Hi, I created an endless driver game using the advanced driving template. However, when i try to package it, packaging fails with an unknown error. I tried to package the advanced vehicles template fresh (created a new project using the template and went straight to package) still the packaging fails, I have no plugins enabled except the two that are required by the template to work. What am i doing wrong?


In order to better assist you, could you please upload your full error output log as a .txt file?

Thank you!

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Hi, sorry for the delay, I was out of town. Here is the error log.

131763-unreal_packaging_error.txt (25.6 KB)

Hey scbaradwaj,

UnrealBuildTool: Visual Studio 2015 is installed, but is missing the C++ toolchain. Please verify that “Common Tools for Visual C++ 2015” are selected from the Visual Studio 2015 installation options.

This is the error I’m seeing. You’ll need to make sure you have VS 2015 installed and ensure that you have installed the C++ content as well.

If after doing this you still experience further errors, please let me know and provide the new output log.

Have a great day

Hey, thanks for the help. Now I can package successfully.