Packaging error-- 'multiple targets%£$%@.....' thoughts greatly appreciated!

Hey-- I am getting this error-- Engine 5 Preview
‘UATHelper: Packaging (Windows): ERROR: Multiple game targets found for project. Specify the desired target using the -Target=… argument.’
driving me nuts!!!
any thoughts please??
thenk you!!!

Hi, I’ve just encounter this myself.

Did you… clone an existing project from UE4, and try to open it in UE5? I did, and this left duplicate build files???

*your path**your game*\Intermediate\Source
I had 2 sets of identical files, 1 set with the name of the original game name, another set of the newly saved game name in the same folder.

My error messages were basically saying they couldn’t decide what platform target to build to, as there are 2 sets of data and you the user, need to choose what to use.
I deleted the “old set” and it built ok from then on. Try that.


Thanks nice to now it. It works. I created in UE5 but my clon to UE5.01 give that error. Now i delete the source than belong to the original version and it is cooking fine. :yum:

Thank you!
I renamed my project, and I had I had 2 sets of identical files (except that they had different names), and deleting one of the sets fixed my problem!

I also resolved my build problem using this method. It was really helpful, so I’ll attach an image as well.