Packaged Win64 Shipping Build Crashes on Launch with Oculus Online Subsystem

I am currently having issues with launching a packaged game using the Oculus online subsystem with version 4.13.0 (Preview 1) of the engine. After loading up a blank project and adding in the assumed proper setting to the DefaultEngine.ini file as follows:


[OnlineSubsystemOculus] bEnabled=true
OculusAppId=“App ID here”


The game will package in shipping mode, but the game will crash upon launch with this () error log. Screenshot of crash: However, when packaging in development mode the game launches properly. It appears that enabling the Oculus online subsystem plugin is the reason why the game is crashing upon exporting it. This is also a blueprints project.

Thank you for the help,

On further testing, uploading the project to the Oculus store and running it as a test build does not fix the crashing.


I have a few questions:

  • Could you try packaging it for Development and see if you get the same crash? If you do, please provide your Machine ID and ensure to hit Send & Close on the report.
  • Also, after the crash occurs, provide the logs from the Saved->Logs folder.


Hi Sean,
The error does not exist when I package it for Development. Only when I package it for shipping.
Machine ID:

With the crash in shipping, we don’t have a Saved->Logs folder. All we have are files that we have provided in

I just tried with empty 3rd person shooter project, only difference is the Online Subsystem: Oculus plugin is enabled. Runs fine in Editor, fails to launch on Shipping build.

Hey Ace1234,

I’ve reproduced the crash, and have entered a bug report for the issue. You can track the status of the issue here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-34595)

Have a great day!

Thanks for looking into this!

Would you happen to know if this crash is in 4.12.5? We are currently using Oculus SDK 1.9?

Hey BasswingLeader,

What steps are you taking to get the crash to reproduce on 4.12? That way I can go ahead and test it to see if it’s occurring there as well, but the Oculus Subsystem was moved into a plugin for 4.13, so it functions a bit differently which is why I am asking what process you’re using when getting this issue in 4.12.