Packaged project crashes because of Video Textures

Hey everyone, I have a question.

We have a project which have a few “screens” with a video on them. By this, I mean a video texture.
Now a few facts:

  1. They’re all done in Level Blueprint like that: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
    We tried to do them exactly the same as a function and also in level BP (I don’t have a screenshot, but it worked the same)
  2. I just made a Video Texture out of them and then I applied this material to the screen (mesh)
  3. All of the videos are in the folder in content browser called Movies

Everything works perfectly fine in the editor.

That’s the whole functionality basically. Every time after packaging the project, we’re getting a crash after like a 15 seconds of the playing. The crash we’re getting after packaging and playing the project: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

What it could be? When we packaged the project without using those videos (we deleted all the level BP and the materials from the viewport) it was all alright, no crashes.

What it could be…? Am I doing something wrong in the case of implementing them? It doesn’t crash in the editor at all.

Thanks in advance.