Packaged game won't run

Sorry, didn’t know if this was the best place to post this, but I’m trying to package my project to test performance in it’s own client versus running out of the editor, but the packaged .exe file doesn’t do anything after launch. I double click my .exe file, the loading wheel spins forever, if I leave the folder where my project is loaded open and the mouse is hovering over it. Otherwise if I close the folder, still nothing happens, but then I can’t delete that folder, because windows thinks the content is in use in another program, but I can’t find the process anywhere in my task manager.

OS: Win10 64-Bit

UE4 Version: 4.10.1

I’ve tried packaging a 64 bit client for both shipping and developmental builds, but neither works.

Did you wait for the packaging to complete?

Are you sure that nothing happens and you don’t even get blank window?

Yeah, I waited for packaging to complete, I even let my computer sit for about 20 minutes after trying to launch the .exe, nothing ever pops up.

Weird! Check your task manager if that exe is running , also it might some OS compatibility issue . Lastly just asking are you sure you’re running the correct exe , I think you are but just checking.

You can also look for a log file (They seam default to “<Project Name>\Saved\Logs”


Check your Antivirus / Computer Security System that you may have installed to be sure they are not treated it as a virus/ unkown application and block it.

UPDATE: Avast was stopping the project from running for some reason. I’m able to run my packaged projects now :slight_smile:

There was someone with a similar problem involving Avast and Visual Studio on another forum, It turned out that the problem was with something called “deep scan” (or something like that).


The latest AVAST have a known pb with 4.10. I don’t know if they fix it or not (case opened on their side).

@hippowombat: have you done exclusion path to solve your pb or does now Avast properly scan without false report UE Library?

Currently have the same issue but I only have Microsoft’s anti virus

hey @ThirdEyeAgent did you find any solution to this problem yet? because i am having a same problem