Packaged Game Window Resolution Different to PIE and Simulation on HTC Vive Only

I know this (or similar) question has been asked before but none of the proposed solutions on other posts fixed my problem.

I am developing an editor/visualizer tool for PC and VR.

This tool opens on “launcher mode” in a map where with the following blueprint.

Since I do not want to have the VR mode enabled at this stage I set Enable HMD to false and Execute Console Command vr.bEnableStereo False, then executes a console command to make the viewport 1280x720w.

Clicking on a Widget Button transitions to the fullscreen application in another map. This other Map blueprint sets (again) HMD to false and vr.EnableStereo False, makes the resolution 1920x1080f. At this stage a toggle allows me to switch back and forth from VR and PC mode.

All options within the editor work fine, PIE, Standalone, Simulate and testing the packaged game with Oculus rift yields the expected result.

The problem is when I try the packaged game with HTC Vive, the resolution, for both MainMenu Map and Editor Map change to 2880x1100 no matter what I do. I know this is the native resolution of the VR Set.

I checked the log and I get this line, a few lines down from the log for the console command r.SetRes (any res)fw , every single time.

[2020.01.24-11.08.02:723] 0]LogRenderer: Reallocating scene render targets to support 2880x1100 Format 26 NumSamples 1 (Frame:1).

I would appreciate some help.