packaged game runs extremely bad but vr preview runs amazing?

So I have a game that when I run it using vr preview I get a good 100fps in my oculus with 95% performance head room. But once built and checked with the same tool(oculus debug tool) I get 65fps and negative 75 performance headroom???

there is only 1 light and it is set to static.
there is only 15 meshes in the game and all is good. and optimized

engine ue 4.23
build: oculus rift(windows 64)

VR preview stats:

frame: 8.33 ms
game thread: 4.89 ms
draw: 2.56 ms
gpu: 8.31 ms

Built game stats:

frame: 12 ms
game thread: 7 ms
gpu: 9 ms
draw: 0.2 ms

in my gameusersettings.ini i have this:


These settings don’t seem to do anything in a packaged game but do in vr preview?
I’m also using get game user settings and setting all to 0 for testing and its not even changing anything in the packaged game it still runs with the same
bad stats.

my map is super small. its just a skybox and a platform to stand on.
everything looks great until I compile it…

even changing sg.ResolutionQuality To 10 don’t seem to affect anything at all.
It does make the screen blurry but its odd because draw calls go up when setting it like this? like WTF?

my simple scene:

Still not fixed.

Any help would be appreciated.

More info about this. so i decided to show engine content and the engine folder had like 57 redirectors? what in the world did you guys do to 4.23 before you abandoned it for 4.24???
I have never modified engine content I KNOW BETTER… so I fixed up all redirectors and still running like **** after compile but runs great in editor.

doing the verify engine brings back the 57 redirectors in the engine content folder? WTH…

Engine folders should NOT have redirectors… so why 4.23.1 has them?

@dan.reynolds any ideas? its like 4.23 has been slaughtered before they brought out the broken 4.24…the slaughter before the reaping i guess LOL

i’m also having this issue and it’s horrible. Way above 120 fps on preview but can’t even reach 10 in a packaged version. Any ideas?

TBH staff could care less because we are not developing their ■■■■ fortnite

I finally figured out what my problem was after lots of testing. Not sure if this applies to you since you’re using a blank level, but i was using a low res scene capture for a scope on a sniper rifle, and i guess scene captures (regardless of resolution) drop my frame rate to below 1 fps in a packaged build. (Followed by a crash after a few seconds because it runs out of vram…) Very odd since it runs buttery smooth in the preview. I’ll look for an alternative or some way to fix this, but it does suck that it’s an issue that shouldn’t exist in the first place. I’m hoping this discovery can be of some help to you, and I wish you the best of luck. Also don’t even get me started on fortnite lol

Yea, I don’t have and scene captures. 4.23 is broken to ■■■■. I updated to 4.24 and the issues went away. however testing in 4.24 I see your issue with scene captures. even one with a resolution of 25x25 causes huge lag amounts. they seem to have broken them. I guess I’ll make another bug report that will get ignored again.

you can try setting Cvars to lower your overall quality goto window>development>device profiles and under windows add the first 8 performance settings to the array and setting the scalability settings to low like this: 0 = low 4= cinematic

It may help but may not.

These settings are the scalability settings without setting them here your packaged build will always use EPIC setting oddly.

the settings below are only “IN EDITOR” but need to be global. why have the settings be only in editor?
so you have to do more work than needed to apply them to the game build… WHO KNEW >:(

Did you mean to @ someone else?

yea. i meant to @ victorlerp. i didn’t notice that sorry. the issue is fixed. it was building for production and that seems broken. it builds perfect with for development.

See if these settings have been selected in Rendering. Forward Shading, MSAA, Instanced VR

yea they are. its fixed in 4.25. It seems there is a compiling issue in 4.23 because of the scene render 2d causes mass lag in 4.23.

I had a similar issue, turns out that r.SceneRenderTargetResizeMethod was the issue. Try packaging a development version and set it in the console with r.SceneRenderTargetResizeMethod 2

Confirmed that works for me @spaztwitch ! Thank you

Don’t thank me, I found the solution here:…-in-editorengi, give that guy the credit.