Packaged Game brightness varies wildly from editor and play in editor brightness

I’ve just Packaged my game, excitedly I launch it, load up a level and them im hit by glaring brightness, like someone had turned a gamma slider waaaay up, the same level looks totally different in editor and even when pressing play in editor or play in standalone, hell even when pressing launch, so why exactly is my packaged version so bright? Ive got a post processing volume to remove the effects of auto exposure (its min and max brightness are at the same number) so I’m at a loss here

Would you mind testing to see if this happens in a blank project. Also, are you packaging for windows 64bit?

If this doesn’t happen in a blank project I may need you to narrow down what in your project may be the issue. One thing you can try is removing the config folder (don’t delete since this holds all your project settings and inputs) and seeing if that has any effect.

You can also test new default maps in your project to see if only specific maps have this problem.

Once you have narrowed things down see if you can provide a list of steps that would allow me to reproduce this on my end.



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