Packaged game at 100% GPU

Hi everyone, me again.

I had a weird problem going on. WHen I play my game in the editor, it is at 40% GPU (Which is already incredibly high, since my game has nothing in it yet aside form landscape) and I get 200+ FPS, but one packaged, I only get 80FPS and 100% GPU usage.

What the hell is going on? I know my GPU is not the problem, so what should I do? 100% on a GPU like mine is ridiculous

you could try to do some visual debugging or Shift_L to toggle all stats on screen (from cmd).
Even if it just a landscape it still can consume lot of gpu resource for example “Smaller tris and at higher distance will consume more gpu resource.” or “the workflow on how the landscape texture are tiled”.
Try with an empty project level and check if it still behave the same.

First of.
If you launch the game in full-screen at 4k and your editor is only got a window at 1080p, that’s already enough to justify the leap from 40% to 100%.

Second of.
The engine.
.26 is trash.
.27 may also be trash, I haven’t benchmarks it but you can quickly find out:
If you package the 3rd person project (for publishing so no dev. Which means you should manually output fps via a widget), and run it full-screen (4k 1080ti), but you get anything less than 120fps… guess what. .27 is also trash :put_litter_in_its_place:

Third of.
Turn off the engine, even exit it completely when running the game(s) you publish.

The engine renders, as such it places load in on both cpu and gpu when it’s on screen.
It is rather commonplace to minimize it, or exit it, when benchmarking.

Also, every additional open editor window puts drag on rendering. So when benchmarking in PIE you want to make sure no other editor windows are open.

To have an idea of what you should expect in terms of ms or fps we would have to know your GFX.
And actually own or have profiled the same model.

If you are on a 1080ti, at 4k you can barely reach 80fps on a decent and properly optimized project.

In fact, it’s so rare to see things made with unreal run well that when it happens we tend to praise the developers - outerworlds is a decent example there.

I ma actually using unreal 5.0.

Also, my GPU is a 3090, FAR more powerful tha a 1080.

I don’t want to sound mean, but did you have any actual tip? Most of that comment seems to be full of hate for the software you use.

I did close verything when I tested.

You should do some profiling, it hard for us to guess what wrong with your project.
I havent try ue5 but am guessing it has better profiling than ue4 or it just that the issue is with ue5.

Not much for 5.
On initial testing it runs worse than .26 though, so keep that in mind.
Go back to .25 or test .27, or stick with 5 in hopes that maybe 2 years from now they listen to the public and make it work right.

There’s some known issues with 3090 too. Probably depends on brand/drivers though. Mostly due to improper engine code. Including some BSODs and such.

And as far as hate goes.
I assure you, it’s just against the asshat who decided that bug reports are worthless and shall not be addressed.
As well as against the other edjit whom has obviously fired any quality assurance team that may once have been present.

This engine was turned to almost complete garbage in less than a year by execs. Keep that in mind when using it.

Try to publish for production, and see if you get the same trash fps.

Test an empty scene btw.
If you don’t get 120fps or more you can calmly blame the engine.

You can enable some sort of settings to force a lower resolution and upsample it.
That’s always worked to increase fps. If you can call it “working”.