Packaged build fails to read steam input action manifest

We are on the latest patch release 4.24.2.

Similar to UE-86396, we are seeing the same issue with a packaged build. Vive controllers are not showing up within the experience and we get the same message. Looking through all the steam input documentation for previous engine versions, there was a set of editor ui buttons attached to the steam input plugin that exported the current input settings into the appropriate config file. These are no where to be found.

What is the intended workflow?

Not being able to play a packaged build is kinda bad…

Please advise.

Update : Figured out the no editor buttons. Our project had both the OculusVR and SteamVR plugins active. Both my home and work HMDs are rifts. The OculusVR plugin was always winning. I turned it off, restarted the editor, hello Steam Input buttons.