Package to Microsoft Store

I wanna Package our project to Microsoft Store.
I package my project successful with UE4. And when i upload the project to Microsoft Store ,it prompt that my package type must be “.msix、.msixupload、.msixbundle、.appx、.appxupload,or appxbundle”.
So how to turn my package into these types? Please give us some advice, many thanks~

Here’s a guide: dozer-pipelines/sample-pipelines/microsoft-store at main · kasp1/dozer-pipelines · GitHub

You can pick any commands from the guide/pipeline that you may find useful.

How does Dozer solve the issues with signing that are failing for some people when running signtool.exe on .appx packages? Is it doing something different than just automating the steps that are failing for some? I’m often a bit hesitant to download any 3rd party software that has many dependencies because such things often end up taking a lot of time to set up and troubleshoot due to so many potential causes of failure if there’s a problem, especially time consuming if I’m not even sure it’ll work after I invest that time. Trying to squeeze out something with the few hours of spare time I have and spending time on build+package is currently eating up more of that time than I’d like :).