Package size for C++ blank project is 699mb?

I know this question has been asked several times before but the information out there is still not answering questions regarding package size.

The following is without the starter content.

I create a blank C++ project with a few meshs and texture files and when I export to win64 as Developement the folder size is 699mb’s. Changing to shipping reduces it to 400mb but thats still quite high.

When creating a blueprint only project with the same assets it is only 200mb’s. Even 200mb is still frustrating to not understand where all this is going. Why such a huge difference between blueprint only and C++?

I’ve asked several question… My aim is to gain a better understanding of how a project influences package size. Can a staff member or experienced developer break this topic down to give the community better information :slight_smile:

Hi sevn,

For the newest release (4.7.5 at time of posting), here is another thread with some tips on how to reduce the package size of Windows games.

Hope this helps!