Package project for Oculus Quest

Hi everyone! I’m working on a standalone VR app for the Oculus Quest. After struggling to manage to get the Quest showing on the launch tab I decided to do some early packaging tests to avoid future complications as every single time I package a project I have multiple errors, well, to my surprise this time wasn´t any different.

I go into Project Launcher, and try to package into my connected Quest but several errors keep coming up regarding the ld.lld file. I seriously don´t have a clue of what this is and how to fix it but what I don’t understand is why Unreal keeps giving me issues when packaging even a sample project with no custom assets is it just me or Unreal documentation regarding this issues is practically nowhere to be found? I’m the kind of person that persists to solve a problem when it happens but I’m seriously out of ideas and if someone could give me a hand I would very much appreciate it as I’m running crazy with this.

Thank you!
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You sure you got your Android SDK installed correctly? because it looks like there stuff missing Android SDK

did you solve it? :,c