Package/Cooking build failed

Hi there,
I’ve been trying to package my game for several days now and I am unable to do so. Can someone please help me out here because I have to be able to have this done by Thursday !!! I’m in a real panic because I cannot figure out why this keeps happening. All blueprints are compiled, all textures are saved, I’ve got Visual Studio 2015 and I selected all the options and downloaded them and Windows SDK 8.1 . I’ve tried almost everything I can find on the internet ! Please help !

Links to Errors :
This is basically what I assume is causing it and I have NO idea how to fix it and I have less than 48hours to solve this… can someone please help.

How do I check this ? Or even limit how much memory can be used ?

It seams that the cooker is not able to read the following file:

UATHelper: Cooking (Windows): UE4Editor-Cmd: [2016.10.18-11.27.53:489][  0]LogFileManager:Warning: ReadFile failed: Count=0 Length=354756611 Error=Overlapped I/O operation is in progress. for file ../../../../../../Users/OEM/Desktop/Latest13.10.16 - Copy/Saved/Autosaves/Game/Main_Level_2016-10-10-14-40-21_Auto0.umap

Could it be that you are running out of memory?

You can use the performance monitor that comes with windows. If that’s the case you might have to upgrade your RAM.

Yep more than enough, is it always the same file?

Just tried packaging and it’d only reach 43% max. I have 32GB RAM. Thought that’d be plenty for a small game :confused:

It seems so… When deleting stuff I generally Force deleted them if they weren’t needed and referenced ? Maybe that caused something ?

Hey Kaeide,

While this may not resolve the issue, I’d recommend removing spaces from any file names to prevent issues. Specifically this file: Latest13.10.16 - Copy

It also looks like you’re experiencing an assertion based on what I’m seeing in the logs, which I am currently investigating and will let you know more as soon as I can.


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