Package build cannot see ISettingsModule.h (anything related to ISettings...)

Ive successfully implemented a new Custom Settings module on my 4.11.2 Source Build, it works fine with the Editor, even launching a standalone game it works fine. However when i attempt to package a game it fails with the following Fatal Error.

Ive tested this in a Blank project and it still occurs, simply adding the Includes to the Project Header file causes this issue.

Its not just for ISettingsModule.h either, it seems to be related to all ISettings… type header includes that i add.

The thing is, the files clearly exist in the Engine Source directory and i know for a fact that other Modules make use of ISettings…

Can anyone confirm that this is a problem?

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Using the full directory path seems to have fixed my problem.

#include "Developer/Settings/Public/ISettingsModule.h"
#include "Developer/Settings/Public/ISettingsSection.h"
#include "Developer/Settings/Public/ISettingsContainer.h"

Can i get some clarification as to why this would be the case?


same problem here … the solution is ok . thank you

Hi all, I am having the same issue now in UE5 and the full directory path fix is not working for me. Does anyone else have a deeper understanding on why this error happens?

Try to use UDeveloperSettings instead, it’s runtime settings.