'P' Key should default to a BP Print String node

In the blueprint editor, you can hold the B key and left click to summon a Branch node. There are a few shortcuts like this. I propose by default binding the ‘P’ key to spawn a Print String node. Currently, the ‘P’ key is unbound in the blueprint editor.
Edit: Turns out P is bind to Begin Play, I guess I wasn’t trying on an event graph but only in functions. I still move to change this to Print String.

I thought P was always parent. I really only use hotkeys 1,2,3 t,m, a, d, s, and L.
Mostly just in material editor. I type a lot in the blueprint area.
.They have p + lmb as a event begin play.

Actually… isn’t P bound to Begin Play in Actor?
But of course, I agree. Print Screen is used quite often while adding Begin Play is very rare action.

Had mixed results in 4.16 with INI tweaks and keyboard shortcuts. In fact it often caused editor crashes (fixed now iirc).
Adding nodes to Favorites is reliable except if ‘Context Sensitive’ is Unticked. Then the Editor hides them, wtf Epic???
Anyone tried tweaking the INI in 4.17, 4.18 Preview? If its working properly now it’d be the best all around solution…

Ah, somehow I missed that it does Begin Play. I still propose it be changed to Print String because one does not frequently add begin play events, especially when the editor already has placeholders for you.