Owning client event question

Hello, im spawning an actor with a colision that detects the player and then calls an event inside the player. The problem im having is that when i collect the item with a server the widget im calling in that event is also showing in the clients. But when the clients got the item its working ok and the widget is only shown in the client. but between clients is also showing the widget in client 1 and 2 so its wrong.
Resources that are not spawned but exist in the world are the ones that are working wrong, resources that are spawned when you kill a enemy are working right if enought distance exists.
Here is the event:

What am i doing wrong?

There’s an interesting thread of a very similar question a while back. You would need a Switch that “has authority” to branch depending on whether the object is local or owned elsewhere. I think this should help you:

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