Overriding a function creates an Event instead of making a new function

In 4.8.1, I have a class where if I override a function in a child class, an event will be created by the name of the function instead of creating a new function. Other classes and their children will properly do this.

Is there a setting that changes this functionality, or is there something funky going on here?

Yeah have the same bug. It seems like event is created instead of function if overridable function has not return value. So what I’m doing - is:

  1. Create a function in parent class. Ex SomeFunction.

  2. Make this function to return a some Boolean value (in Outputs section.)

  3. Override this function in child class (it’s now should create as normal function, not like event.)

  4. Delete Boolean value in parent.

  5. Delete Boolean value in child.

  6. Compile parent class.

  7. Compile child class.

P.S. I’m using 4.11 of UE.

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