'Override invisible levels' not working with 'load level instance' in UE4.25.4 (Images included)

I’ve setup everything in a blank FPS project (UE4.25.4) as described on the UE4 docs but the red level (level 2) is showing on play when it should be hidden by the volume.


The red level (level 2) should not be visible because the player is standing inside the ‘override invisible levels’ volume which hides ‘Level2’

I’ve just tried it with the standard ‘sub-level’ from within the persistent level and it doesn’t work with that either. I’ve done everything according to the documentation and I can’t seem to get it to work. Am I missing something or is the feature completely broken?

To me, it seems like a completely unsupported feature. Not much documentation on the actual “Override Invisible Levels” (does it need the full file path ref? Just the sublevel name?). It would be nice to have more people talking about this feature, as ideally it would be nice to hide the level and then use “Override Visible Actors” to selectively turn objects on (which are within the player’s view). @epicGamesSupport

I’ve researched the code and it seems like the OverrideInvisibleLevels should technically work only on streaming levels (aka blueprint loaded). In your case, you may want to use Load Streaming Level instead of Load Level Instance (by Name). There is an issue in networked sessions as well, when loading the level instance by name. I think they are fixed and not streamed, therefore not working with the PCVO system in-general.

I would prefer it to work on regular/static levels, and be instantly visible in-editor (like override invisible actors currently does). It must be that the entire level is hidden, not the individual actors. If Epic could develop a function of “Get all actors in sublevel” then that would allow users to create their own versions, as well. Right now I’m creating a hacked version of this using actor tags. @EpicGamesSupport


I’ll give Load Streaming Level a go and see if that works. Would you mind sharing how you hacked together your version of the feature using actor tags?