OVERRIDE error: expecting a ;

Hi all

I am having a problem using any OVERRIDE function for some reason.
I have been attempting to create a double jumping mechanic in which case I need to override some functions such as CanJump(). However when I try override it using:

virtual bool CanJumpInternal_Implementation() const OVERRIDE;


virtual void OnLanded(const FHitResult& Hit) OVERRIDE;

I have also tried using the non internal_implementation OVERRIDE but that gets the exact same problem. Is this a potential bug of some sort or have I done something wrong.


P.S. These Override functions came from a forum which helped in creating the double jump (linked below) which apparently works.

Please paste the exact error, also did you try just using override without full caps ? Did you verify that these functions are defined in the base class ?

Well if a scroll over it in visual studios it says “expecting ;” when the semi colon is already there and yes I tried both overrides with the same issue. The exact functions had been tested and apparently worked according to the person on the forum who made them and since they are simple overrides for jump commands they should work. Here are the errors:

error C3646: ‘EMIT_DEPRECATED_WARNING_MESSAGE’: unknown override specifierC:\Users\nath9\Documents\Unreal Projects\FPSTest\Source\FPSTest\FPSTestCharacter.h(69): error C3646: ‘EMIT_DEPRECATED_WARNING_MESSAGE’: unknown override specifier

I get the same error for both functions, as well as a “missing type specifier” and syntax “(” and “)” errors which i’m guessing are caused by the override error.

OVERRIDE was a macro we used when not all platforms supported the override keyword. It has since been deprecated (which looks to be the error you posted above), but you say you’re also getting the same error using override?