Overlay texture on base color?

I’m sure it’s very simple but I can’t find any info on how to do this.

I want to take a texture like this “1” shape seen on the side of the top cube and apply it to the cube, but I also want to be able to set a base color (and change it as needed) so that the transparent areas on the “1” texture show the base color. I’ve been messing around with the material settings all night and day, but I can’t get anything to look right. I don’t want to remove the transparency from the texture as I would then need to change it for every character if the base color was different and that’s far more time consuming.

Thank you for any and all assistance.:slight_smile:

depends on what your texture is/how it’s set up. It is very trivial, but it’s also potentially complicated depending on how the character or object is built.

with 1 texture, for the whole thing, you need to dedicate a specific channel in a specific texture solely to this.
with that texture in the material, you can drag from it and feed it as the Alpha of the lerp. on the lerp you can then set 2 colors, the one that will change, and the one that will remain always the same.

Another alternative could be to just replace every color on the character for whatever texture that matches exactly one of the 3 color channels.
To do that, basically replace the White off the channel you need.
I would feed a truncated / clamped value to the Alpha of the lerp, and essentially blend in the new custom color to the same non truncated texture. It should work rather well.

Thanks for the suggestions!

I managed to get it working via two material layers (with the gray base color set to the background layer) and a blend layer set to use the alpha from the texture image.

Hello. I know it is a year late, but just in case someone else bumps into the same problems, here is how I achieved the same result using very simple nodes: