(Overlay)-Material is split on my characters

I have a problem with materials on my character. I want to create overlay materials, i tried to add the overlay into the material from my character itself and use the new overlay material option from UE5.2 and both have the same effect.

The material looks like split into seperate parts or flickering like hell (depends on the wanted overlay material).

And this is like its look on other meshes:


Looks like you’re using WPO. If a mesh has smooth shading, verts are welded together and won’t tear apart when offset.
When using meshes with sharp shading, each face has multiple verts in the corner to store each of the normals. So WPO can tear them apart if they aren’t offset in the exact same direction.

One way you can fix this is by setting the mesh to be smooth shaded in the modeling software, and if you still want to low poly look, you can alter the normals in the shader to look sharp instead. Look into deriving normals with world position using screen space derivatives to achieve that look.