Overlapping Uv's problem

I have a real problem with the overlapping uv’s problem, i have an entire mesh textured, rigged and animated that took weeks to complete without a single problem, but now some edges look bad and poorly shaded and it’s because of some overlapping uv’s when i used the smart UV in blender that is supposed not to overlap any UV’s, the question is, am i screwed up? do i have to make the entire model’s textures again? or is there a way to solve this without it?

if i recall correctly lightmaps are actually stored as a separate set of uvs. so you could in theory have one set of uvs for your textures and another for the lightmap. i believe lightmaps are stored in uv channel 1 or 2 depending on if its 0 based. what this all means is that no your not screwed you will just have to go into blender and create a second unwrapped uv.